Nobunny show preview (Seattle Weekly)

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There are any number of bands out there trodding the boards and trying to rekindle some lost spark of punk-rock purity. A large percentage of said bands are so studious and sanctimonious in their approach, it’s very nearly laughable. And then there’s Nobunny, a dude from Arizona who puts on a filthy, nasty bunny mask, strips down to his underwear and proceeds to bludgeon his audience with a fusillade of brisk and brash garage-rock numbers that manage to be as catchy as they are loud. It may not be the sort of thing that yanks the crank of your averageWarped Tour connoisseur, but there’s a belligerent and beguiling warmth of spirit to what Nobunny does that simultaneously revives and rebukes the notion of what punk rock is supposed to be. Very few people have left one of his shows without a broad grin on their face, a smile that was planted there due both to the raucous catharsis of the performance and the fact that, well, a dude in a bunny mask just rocked their ass off.

First appeared Jan. 6, 2010 in Seattle Weekly.


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