Blind Man’s Colour: Season Dreaming CD review (Shockhound)

Blind Man’s Colour is a young (as in, “just out of high school” young) duo from St. Petersburg, Florida, a town pejoratively referred to as “God’s waiting room.” Kids from such an environment might not be expected to make the most innovative or interesting of sounds; but sometimes, excellence comes from the most unlikely people in the most unlikely places, and SEASON DREAMING – though not perfect – is a surprisingly excellent album. Swimming in the same bath of warm, psychedelic pop as Deerhunter and Animal Collective, Blind Man’s Colour firmly focuses upon delivering the sort of experiential and enveloping sounds that are best enjoyed with fat headphones. The muddle of overlapping tracks, analog effects and reverb-drenched vocals demands a listener’s close attention, and that attention is rewarded with a rich tapestry of tripped-out sonics. However, the strong melodies that underpin such cuts as the lo-fi dreaminess of “The Dinosaur Ride” and the swooning “Jimmy Dove” keep the album from drifting away on a wispy cloud of formless nothingness, making SEASON DREAMING the sort of debut album that promises future greatness while delivering a superlative listening experience in the here and now.

First appeared Aug. 18, 2009 at


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