The Pauses feature (Reax)

Orlando indie band The Pauses have endured a tumultuous few months recently. On one hand, the band lost original member Kristen Andre to the rigors of higher education and the dreaded Tampa-Orlando commute, and, instead of replacing her, The Pauses decided to forge ahead as a trio. Although the lineup change fundamentally alters the band’s dynamics – no more 50/50 boy/girl split, only two (rather than three) keyboard rigs at the front of the stage – The Pauses are taking the development in stride.

“We’re looking forward to being a three-piece and seeing where that takes us,” says bassist/keyboardist Tierney Tough. “It’s unfortunate, but it’s best for everyone in the long run.”

While the loss of Andre was certainly a blow, the progress that the band has made over the past six months meant that forging ahead was the only option. In addition to garnering a significant bit of buzz in Orlando indie-rock circles, as well as a good deal of positive press coverage (some of which was in tandem with Tough’s role as the organizer of this spring’s Orange You Glad Fest), The Pauses have finessed their sound to the point that they’re ready to head into the studio.

That sound is a bubbly and deceptively complex blend of analog synths, full-bodied harmonies and off-kilter, noise-flecked structures. The Pauses weave driving indie rock, post-punk and twee pop into their songs, and the result is both familiar and unique. 

Appropriately then, the band has opted against the standard GarageBand-in-the-garage recording process that many young groups employ for their first album and, instead has conceived of an “impractical and pretentious plan” to record with semi-legendary posthardcore producer (and former Government Issue/Jawbox principal) J. Robbins in early 2010. It’s ambitious, to be sure, but with music like the Pauses’, such a move is probably the best way to ensure an accurate representation of their sound. Still, it’s not gonna be easy.

Or cheap.

“In order to make the trip happen,” says Tough, “we have to budget and come up with ways to raise money. So, we’re planning a series of fundraiser shows and events leading up to the actual recording dates.”

Tough describes those events as anything from “tip jars, raffles, door-to-door telegrams, candy bar sales” to “begging our parents for those couple of weeks where they forgot to give us our allowance,” but at the end of the day, the band will be making their money the old-fashioned way: playing rock shows.

The first two fundraiser shows are going down in August; the first is on Aug. 7 at Will’s Pub in Orlando, followed the next day by a show at New World Brewery in Tampa. Venice Is Sinking and Candy Bars are on the bill for both shows.

More upcoming Pauses dates:
August 15 – Propaganda, Lake Worth
September 19 – The Atlantic, Gainesville

First appeared in the August 2009 issue of Reax.


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