Black Moth Super Rainbow show preview (Orlando Weekly)

You gotta give these guys credit: They know how to work a gimmick while making themselves seem absolutely gimmick-free. Black Moth Super Rainbow’s usage of pseudonyms like Tobacco, Power Pill Fist and (our favorite) the Seven Fields of Aphelion, along with an aversion to modern recording technology and a general presentation that blends the worst elements of hippie-ism and hipsterism … well, in lesser hands, it would be totally obnoxious. It also doesn’t hurt that the music they make is soaring, elegant and gorgeous, combining the rural pastoralism of Upper Appalachia with a trippy tangle of psychedelic electronic noodlings and gentle songwriting. It’s unusual, but never forcefully so, and BMSR ends up seeming like USDA choice freaks rather than pretentious downtowners looking for a way into your iPod.

First appeared July 30, 2009 in Orlando Weekly.


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