What You’re Doing This Week [June 11-17] (Orlando Weekly)

Remember a couple of weeks ago when I noted that the summer slowness was setting in? Oh boy, it’s in effect big time this week. There are a few good things in Selections, and I managed to scrape up some
more awesomeness, but, well, let’s just say the pickings are kinda slim
this week:

Thursday, June 11

  • Atlanta’s Howlies have a pretty fantastic take on indie-minded garage pop and may just deserve the bubbling hype they’re currently receiving. Hot Hands and The Dealers open. [Will’s Pub]

Friday, June 12

  • History is playing their final show tonight. I could go on and on about why they’re a great band, but I’ve done it many times before and nobody ever paid attention then, so why would I think you would pay attention now? Regardless, if you like good, poppy post-punk that’s smarter than it needs to be, here’s your last chance to get a look at one of the better Orlando bands to have done it. [Redlight Redlight]
  • Chuck Ragan‘s solo work is probably my least favorite of all the post-Hot Water Music projects, but it’s still a far sight better than the legions of raspy singer-songwriters with whom he’s now classified. Christina Wagner opens the show, and, if you prefer your females-with-acoustics to be of the retiring and ethereal type, she’s not for you. [The Social]

Wednesday, June 17

  • This is the obligatory mention of an Alias Punch show, since I’m not allowed to say there’s nothing going on if these guys are playing. [Peacock Room]

First appeared June 11, 2009 at Orlando Weekly.com.


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