What You’re Doing This Week [May 28-June 3] (Orlando Weekly)

Summer’s just about here. Can you feel it? I can. That sense of things slowing waaaay down, of concert calendars filled with reunion acts, amphitheater shows and the goddamned impending Warped Tour is getting stronger. Maybe it’s just the aftereffect of a preternaturally awesome spring’s worth of shows, but this summer is shaping up to be decidedly underwhelming. That’s not to say there’s nothing good going on. In fact, between DJ Rekha, Zoroaster, Dub Trio (opening for stupid Les Claypool and stupider Matisyahu) and the local indie rock vegan barbeque at Ethos, there’s actually quite a bit of cool stuff going on this week. And then there’s this stuff, which is actually quite good too, so, yeah, Orlando rules.

Thursday, May 28

  • Baton Rouge’s shambolic, noisy indie rock quartet Man Plus Building is pretty good in a post-rock skronky sorta way. [Uncle Lou’s]

Friday, May 29

  • Orlando’s metalhead family gathers again for another night of tributes to a metal god. This time, it’s an Iron Maiden All-Star Jam and I assure you that monitors will be mounted, striped spandex will be worn, drinks will be spilled and someone will show up dressed as Eddie. [The Haven]

Saturday, May 30

  • I’ll go ahead and lay odds that the bar may actually run out of beer at this show. The Ludes (featuring local rock legend Jeff Nolan) and Cherry Spoiler (featuring local rock legend Greg Reinel) both bring high-octane versions of classic rock (in the Ludes’ case, it’s power-trio bluster, Cherry Spoiler rocks it garage-y pop-punk style), and both encourage copious amounts of consumption. [Will’s Pub]
  • Local metallians Hand To Hand celebrate the release of their new CD – and the launch of a monthlong east coast tour – with a show tonight. [The Social]
  • Speaking of launching a tour, the crew behind Ripping Records is undertaking a cross-country tour, with local miscreants the RunnAmucks, Super Aids, Libyan Hit Squad bringing their O-Town brand of punk rock to crowds across the country. Pay a fiver and buy a t-shirt; they’re gonna need gas money. [Odin’s Den]

First appeared May 28, 2009 at Orlando Weekly.com.


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