What You’re Doing This Week (May 7-13) (Orlando Weekly)

I know people are saving their pennies and their livers for next week’s one-two-three punch of Orange You Glad, World’s Gone Wiggly and, I guess, FMF. But there is still business to attend to this week. As pointed out in other parts of this publication, there are two big shows tonight – Death Cab for Cutie [Hard Rock] and Jason Isbell [Back Booth] – there’s the Nine Inch Nails/Jane’s Addiction show Saturday [Ford Amphitheater; I hear lawn tickets are going for a buck!], my buddy Amos Lee is playing the Plaza on Sunday, while the godforsaken shitstorm of unfunny known as MC Chris is at the Social. But those are all out-of-towners. What’s the local talent up to (besides saving their livers for next week)? Let’s see:

Thursday, May 7

  • Urbe Prima will be Rock en Español-ing the AKA Lounge. Man these guys are hard workers. And even though I sorta rag on ’em for sounding a little bit like Rush sometimes, all that hard work is definitely paying off in a much more refined sound.

Friday, May 8

  • Beef Wellington & DiVinci are teaming up to do a set for the One-Year Anniversary of the Redefine gallery. Also on hand – DJ Sure Shot, Rubox, and, of course, some fine, fine artists.
  • Alias Punch is playing with Danny G & the Backdoor Visitors and, er, Teabaggin’ at Copper Rocket.

  • And, what’s this? HOLY SHIT, KOW IS PLAYING. Man, count this in my top five reasons I’m so happy Will’s Pub is open again. I found two CDs of unreleased early Funkadelic stuff at Park Ave the other day and it really got me in the mood for some stoned-ass psychedelic funk jams, and KOW … well, that just about fits the bill perfect. Reunion? Temporary revival? Who cares? GO SEE THIS SHOW. (Also, this is a good excuse to remind people of this super-fun article we did a long time ago, which, in and of itself, should be a reminder about how yes Virginia, there is something going on in Orlando.)

Saturday, May 9

  • So yeah, there was a thing in the paper about Will Quinlan, but if you need another great reason to go to the show, be there to catch an odd double-teaming with Matt Butcher and the Legendary J.C.’s. No, I’m not sure how it’s gonna work out either. [Plaza Theater]

Tuesday, May 12

  • Tooth & the Enamels are playing with No Revolution, Fist of the North and the Products at Back Booth.

First appeared May 7, 2009 at Orlandoweekly.com.


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