What You’re Doing This Week (April 30-May 6) (Orlando Weekly)

Well, last week’s one-good-thing-a-day seemed to work pretty well, so maybe let’s try that again. The paper mentioned a few of the big-and-awesome shows this week (Amon Amarth with SKELETONWITCH!!!, Heartless Bastards, Big Business), so here are some that may have escaped your attention.

Thursday, April 30

  • It’s a Florida Rock en Español night, with the semi-psychdedelic Monte Rosa (from Miami), the Rush-loving Urbe Prima (from here), Versus Nova (from here) and Kapsula (from here). The latter band should not be confused with the excellent indie-psych band Capsula (from Spain), but our local guys still play a pretty chill blend of spacey, atmospheric rock. [The Plaza]

Friday, May 1

  • The Birthday Massacre. Hahahahaha. Just kidding. [The Social]

  • Instead, go see The Painted Ladies. If the audience at the Birthday Massacre show is all middle-school kids who don’t know any better, this crowd is gonna be all old dudes who know better … and drink better and rock better. Full-bore blues rock with some of Orlando’s best players; the Ladies aren’t the most progressive band around, but they put a fine spin on roots-rock sounds. [Copper Rocket]
  • And, by the way, I’ve gotta advocate again for the Amon Amarth show. Forget the whole Viking metal thing; these guys are the real death metal deal. And freaking SKELETONWITCH is opening the show, a band so awesome their lead singer Chance Garnette may have coined the ultimate metal motto when, during a recent set, he introduced a song with: “Smoke weed, eat pussy, ride a motorcycle, listen to metal” and then closed the song with “Oh yeah, and drink beer.” It. Doesn’t. Get. More. Metal. Than. That.

Saturday, May 2

  • Alright, you’ve gotta drive all the way to Daytona for this one, but as part of the London Symphony Orchestra‘s annual residency at the Daytona International Festival, they’ll be perofrming Carl Orff’s Carmina Burana with the Bach Festival Choir. It will be immense and it will be intense; along with Mahler’s 8th, it’s hands-down one of the most goosebump-inducing pieces of music around. [Peabody Auditorium, Daytona Beach]

Sunday, May 3

  • The Supervillains are playing. See, I don’t ALWAYS forget. [Will’s Pub]

Monday, May 4

  • Volume-dealing metalgaze act Sybris may not have the same walloping impact as Jucifer, but lord knows this Chicago band is trying. With a sound that’s just as raw, half as brutal and twice as melodic, these guys still bang around with the same sort of woozily aggressive sonic overload as Mr. and Mrs. Amber Valentine. Oh, and wasn’t there a Heart album called Dangerous Animals? No, that was Bad Animals. Whatever. There’s an Orlando band called Dangerous Animals, and they play a fractured brand of indie-folk that’s quite cool, if a bit disconcerting. They – along with the Pauses – are opening this show. [Redlight Redlight]

Tuesday, May 5

  • It’s a hot mess of local hip-hop and funk at the Strange Gibberish Cinco de Mayo party tonight, with DNA Explosion (Deepcrates and Amable), Turtle Hands, Record Monster and Iz-Real. [Peacock Room]

Wednesday, May 6

  • The Horrorpops bring their nouveau-psychobilly hotness. [The Social]

First appeared April 30, 2009 at Orlandoweekly.com.


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