What You’re Doing This Week (Feb. 26-Mar 4) (Orlando Weekly)

Thursday, Feb. 26

Friday, Feb. 27

  • It’s Rockstars Who Choked on Their Own Vomit and Died Night! Hooray! Classic Albums Live are doing their thing with Jimi Hendrix’s Are You Experienced and Janet Jopler Janis Joplin’s Pearl. [Hard Rock Live]
  • Welcome to 1995, where things like a “Hiphop Scratch DJ Showcase” are presented without irony. This one should nonetheless be fun to watch, with award-winner DJ SPS sharing the “decks” and the “mics” with Sureshot, Rubox and J-Storm. [Redefine Boutique]

  • Steve Burry is playing tonight with Damion Suomi, Shawn Fisher & The Jukebox Gypsies and It’s Elephants That’s a lot of music! Or at least a lot of words. Go up to Steve and ask him any question about being a dad. He’ll answer them. Really. [Social]
  • You know what’s totally not played out at all? Troma Films! So, you should definitely go bask in the glory of the Toxic Avenger at the Troma MegaCon Kickoff Party, where you’ll get all sorts of philosophical insight from Lloyd Kaufman, and a little bit of joke-punk from Awesome & the Asskickers. Because, well, no, not played out at all. [Back Booth]

  • Someone’s getting hippie jams in my anarchist collective! OHNOES! Some dipshittily titled thing called the Yabro Festival, with noodlers like Horizen and Shak Nasti along with – I SWEAR TO GOD! – a band called Made of Hemp and other … stuff. Fucking shoot me now, ’cause this thing goes on for two days. [Black Box Collective]

Saturday, Feb. 28

  • This is a CD release party for Lonely Heroes, so great for them and everything, but motherfucking Buffalo Gun is on the bill, which is just about the best news I’ve heard in a while. Seems like these Oviedo beardo-rockers disappeared for a while, but they’re back (?) with their crunchy, redneck-tinged rock and I couldn’t be happier. [Plaza Theatre]

  • Has Pat Benatar gotten some critical cred over the past decade? I’m just asking, because it seems she’s actually treated with a bit of respect these days (theme-park shows notwithstanding). That’s cool and all, but you all do remember that shimmy she did in “Love Is A Battlefield,” right? [Universal Studios Mardi Gras]
  • The Holden Boys (who are pretty impressive if you’re into that whole alt-country thing) are playing tonight with Sarah Purser (who … I don’t know anything about.) [Orlando Brewing]
  • Spam Allstars, Gerry Williams Band [Social]

Sunday, March 1

  • It’s a night of wonderfully freaky laptronica with some local and regional folks plonking out tunes on Serato for your chin-stroking pleasure: Peasants With Feathers, Chromatron, Paradox, Obed, Emerson Breastmilk, Joel the Hutt [Peacock Room]

Tuesday, March 3

  • When people talk about poseur-y goth douchebags, Wednesday 13 – and essentially anyone who comes to see him – is exactly what they have in mind. Bad for punk, bad for metal, bad for melodrama. Only good for dumb fucking kids to scare their dumb fucking parents with. [Back Booth]

Wednesday, March 4

  • Indie-pop, muscular roots-rock and gentle psych-folk tonight with Gasoline Heart, XOXO, Jason Choi and the Apprentice. [Will’s Pub]
  • That’s pretty awesome, right? Mötley Crüe … what great band! The show tonight? Pretty much the exact opposite of “awesome” and “great.” Bring your own lyrics, ’cause Vince Neil is pretty much gonna have you sing everything. [UCF Arena]

First appeared Feb. 26, 2009 at Orlandoweekly.com.


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