What You’re Doing This Week (Feb. 19-Feb 25)

Holy shit, you guys. This is a great week for shows, right? There are, like, eleventy billion awesome shows going on this week, so if you can’t find something to do this week, you’re just totally lame. Since there’s so much going on, I’m not able to be my normally expansive, effusive and erudite self. (I’m told that people like these web logs, or “blogs,” to be concise.) So I’m just gonna bust out the bullet points. Oh yeah, don’t forget to check out Selections because there’s even MORE shit there.

Thursday, Feb. 19

  • The Pop Off dance-party madness returns! With Rocksteady Soundsystem (that’s them flipping you off … they’re hard, yo) and Fishdicks + Hardersauce [The Social]

  • So, dig it: Strangers Family Band may be the best band in Orlando. Or, they may just be the best drug-soaked psych band in Orlando (not saying they do drugs, but maybe they definitely make music for people to take drugs to). The rest of the bill? Not psychedelic, but also awesome: So Help Me Rifle, Jason Choi & the Sea, Young Brother [Will’s Pub]

Friday, Feb. 20

  • Come make all those Asian jokes to his face! See what Bao Le-Huu really thinks about what makes for good rock ‘n’ roll at The Bao Show. As usual, a fine local assortment of talent – The Pauses, Hex Tremors, Crash the Satellites – will be on hand for your drinking pleasure. Oddly enough, all three bands are pop bands! Sort of. [Will’s Pub]
  • I’m pretty sure that nobody’s ever gonna be dumb enough to sign Citizen Cope to another major label deal, but the guy sure can pack the collegiate hippies into his live shows. The trick? He fancies himself a “soul” singer … and the kids believe him! [House of Blues]
  • Hooray! The Cook Trio is playing and it’s not way the fuck out at the Ritz-Carlton. Love me some of that gypsy jazz! [Redlight Redlight]
  • Hey look, The Little Debbies are playing – with the Rondos – so maybe everyone can go see for themselves what they sound like! (Hint: they totally garage-rock it out!) [Peacock Room]
  • You know what I’m not gonna comment on? The fact that Frontiers: A Tribute to Journey are playing in town again, [The Social]

Also tonight:

  • Automatic Loveletter, A Cursive Memory, Friday Night Boys, A Cover Story [Back Booth]
  • Gargamel, Misanthropist, Kathartik [The Dungeon]
  • Magadog, the Brentford Sound [Taste]
  • The Oakhill Drifters [Orlando Brewing]

Saturday, Feb. 21

  • I know this was already written about in Selections, but seriously, this is one awesome (and awesomely fucked-up bill), with Pontiak, Khann, Kingsbury and Bleeding Rainbow. Yeah, melodic, dynamic and explosive indie rock, atmospheric dreampop, brutal vegan grindcore … we got it all, y’all. [Will’s Pub]

Now, it’s time for “Fun with Google Images”

  • Hand to Hand (with Paper Street Soap Company) [Back Booth]

Sunday, Feb. 22

  • Another great, diverse bill of locals: beatbox, glitchy ambient indie pop, weirdo electronics … it’s all good: Rubox Cube, Sensory Creatures, Future Sound, the Brian Fowler Side Project [Back Booth]
  • How did Tesla make a comeback? Oh, you didn’t know they made a comeback? They did. [House of Blues]
  • Thomas Wynn, Lauris Vidal, and the Takers [Will’s Pub]

Monday, Feb. 23

Tuesday, Feb. 24

  • Dutch superstar trance DJ Ferry Corsten [Roxy]
  • Ben Sollee [Park Ave CDs] DON’T PARK AT THE BRIDAL SHOP. (He’s also playing again Wednesday at the Social.)
  • Supposedly, there’s some sort of Mardi Gras party going down with The Windham Group. Whatever … it’s an excuse to eat fried pickles and hear a jazz jam that doesn’t suck or require champagne. [Crooked Bayou]

Wednesday, Feb. 25

  • The Ragbirds play something called “infectious global groove.” It apparently requires a lot of gingham and facial hair. Nu-folk jamsters Oakhurst are on the bill too; they’re much better. [Will’s Pub]

First appeared Feb. 19, 2009 at Orlandoweekly.com.


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