What You’re Doing This Week (Jan. 22-Jan. 28) (Orlando Weekly)

So, wow, I’m totally honored. I got two very nice (I think) mentions on these here pages this week. This one and this one. I’m blushing and shit.

But we’re not here to talk about my taste in pizza and rock bands, are we? Wait, maybe we are.

Thursday, Jan. 22

  • Since I’m getting this up a little late tonight, let’s just say that you should be going to Orlando Metal Night @ Will’s. There aren’t any bands playing, but there will definitely be some entertainment. And maybe a few jean vests over leather jackets. Or, God if we’re lucky, that dude.

Friday, Jan. 23


  • Eugene Snowden is bringing his funky solo stick to the Little Fish Pond in Sanford.


  • Local roots/freak/indie poppers Alias Punch play with Little Insects and Jarl Q at Uncle Lou’s
  • Soprano Monica Yunus is singing with the Metropolitan Opera this season in Manon, La Rondine, and Don Giovanni. Tonight, she’s taking time off from La Rondine for a performance at the Tiedtke Concert Hall at Rollins.

  • Some rock bands are playing at the Back Booth … OH HOLY SHIT GREG “STAINBOY” REINEL’S GOT A NEW BAND!!!! That new band is callled Cherry Spoiler and counts ex-Rocket 88 guitarist Mark Zayas as a member, as well as “a few ex-Luxurious Python street urchins.” In his inimitable fashion, Stainboy describes the sound thusly: “a melodious, punk-laced, old-school power chord wallop, slatered with a steaming pile of ’70s glam.” In other words, exactly what you expected. Opening:
    A Palace in Persia and Jim O’Rourke.

Saturday, Jan. 24

  • It’s a screamo/hardcore blowout at the Black Box Collective: Written & Erased, Cassettes On Fire, The Greatest Pinball on Earth!, The Sea Swallowed Us Whole, Vessels of Energia, Park Ranger Barkwood

First appeared Jan. 22, 2009 at Orlandoweekly.com.


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