What You’re Doing This Week (Jan. 1-Jan. 7) (Orlando Weekly)

So, you’ve finally shaken off that New Year’s Eve hangover and you’re looking for something to do, huh? Tough luck, brother. We are in the full throes of the annual dead zone around these parts, and though there are still some good shows going on … well, let’s just say they’re few and far between. Check out Selections, too.

Friday, Jan. 2

  • How is it that Orlando has gone from barely having one awesome power trio, to having, like four? One of the better ones (if not the best one), The Ludes (featuring Jeff Nolan, Mark Janssen and Mike Kossler), is at the Social tonight. Though you may not believe in rock ‘n’ roll anymore … they do.

Saturday, Jan. 3

  • The Holden Boys are playing at Back Booth. That’s them up there. I think you know what they sound like.

  • A night of quality local metal is going down at the Social. Empyrean is getting a good bit of attention these days, and Gorillafight is possessed of not only a great name, but an equally vicious aproach. However, my money’s on Dead Mens Dreams. Despite their (somewhat joking) penchant for getting their picture taken in corpsepaint, DMD is nothing at all like the basement-bound black-metallers you think they look like. Instead, it’s all heavy classic metal riffage, with a wide streak of modern brutality mixed in. These guys have been on a hiatus lately, as they wanted to woodshed for a while to write the songs for their second CD, and who knows how long it will be until they play again, so get there early to catch ’em.

Sunday, Jan. 4

  • It’s a Ninja Hoedown at Will’s Pub. You don’t know what the hell a Ninja Hoedown is, do you? It’s okay. Local femme-folk-metallian Meka Nism has been keeping herself busy in Japan over the last year or so, but it’s the holidays, so she’s back in town. Unlike that annoying relative of yours who plopped down on your couch for a week, though, Meka is offering up a little hospitality of her own with a rock show.


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