My Best Music of 2008 … with, uh, MUSIC (Orlando Weekly)

(Souad Massi, who sort of overshadowed everything else for me this year)

Now that we’ve gone and published our year-end lists in the paper, I thought I’d go ahead and provide a little context for mine. Though the lists in the paper were constrained to five entries (making for a better read than just some long-ass list of records), I had way more than five albums that rocked my boat throughout the year. So, here are 50 (fifty!) songs from some of my favorite albums of 2008, with actual sounds to accompany them, rather than just a bunch of words. Maybe you’ll find something you’ll like. (NOTE: The reason that Bottle Up & Go isn’t on there – an album that Bao fell in love with only AFTER I harrassed him to bask in its greatness – is because they didn’t have any songs on imeem that I could add to the list and I’m too lazy to upload shit.)

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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