What You’re Doing This Week (Dec. 11 – Dec. 17)

When I volunteered to write these weekly blog posts, it was because I thought there were a lot of shows that were pretty cool (or at least notable) that weren’t making it into the paper. I know, from my own experience as music editor, that it’s really really hard to squeeze everything that happens in this town into the miniscule dead tree real estate made available to the music section in the “real” paper. (Every week, when I was doing that thankless job, I’d have to cut things out of the paper for various reasons, and every week I’d feel shitty about it.) So I thought it would be great to do a weekly thing where I could write about all the cool shows that didn’t make the cut.

That was back in the good old days of late October when, you know, there were actually shows happening. This time of year – basically from now until mid-January – is the time of year when even tumbleweeds don’t bother blowing down Orange Ave. So, with the relative dearth of musical programming around, pretty much every decent show this week got a mention in the music section (yay, Dead Confederate!) or in Selections. (Although, Wayne Gratz? Seriously?)

So, like, I know the 8 (9? Do I hear 9?) of you who read this blog will be disappointed, but I ain’t got shit for you this week. Well, I’ve got a few good things, but no pictures, no jokes, and no dissing of Big 10-4 because they’re playing the Social on Friday. Maybe next week … but probably not.

Saturday, Dec. 13

  • Chris Rae‘s birthday party is going down in fine fashion at the Social with Summerbirds in the Cellar, Mumpsy, Dish and DJ Diddles. He’s the hairy one in Mumpsy. (I would say “the nice one,” but they’re all really nice.) Everyone should bring cake, because he’s really nice. And hairy.

Tuesday, Dec. 16

  • Rob Swift is doing his turntablism thing at the Social.

Wednesday, Dec. 17

  • There’s a goddamned rock ‘n’ roll monster truck show at Will’s Pub tonight, with the Ludes and the Country Slashers. I seriously can’t think of two local bands who dish out the rock more awesomely than these guys.
UPDATE: This bill has been expanded to include the debut of The Takers, a new power trio featuring Brian Chodorcoff, Anthony Cole and Tony Roman.  I’ve got it on good word that they fully intend to bring the rock. God, I’m glad Will’s is open again.

And, well, that’s it. Unless you like emo. Or Big 10-4. If I missed something, please let me know and I’ll spread the word ASAP.


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