Suicidal Tendencies: Suicidal Tendencies 25th Anniversary Edition CD review (Shockhound)


(5 out of 5)

Suicidal Tendencies’ landmark debut album drew a considerable amount of its power from an unhinged rawness that reflected the disaffection and rage felt universally by early ’80s punks. Thankfully, this refreshed and remastered 25th anniversary edition only enhances that power, rather than trying to modernize it, as with the tragic re-recordings of 1993’s STILL CYCO AFTER ALL THESE YEARS. Grant Estes’ slashing guitar lines are still brittle and bright, Mike Muir’s vocals are still gargly shouts, and the rhythm section still sounds like a fast-moving train just about to derail. This is the third time this album has been reissued, and the third time it’s been reissued without any bonus material. While some may howl at this, there’s still something pure and brutally effective about the album’s concision; in less than a half-hour, a dozen certifiable hardcore classics – from the overplayed (“Institutionalized,” “I Saw Your Mommy”) to the forgotten moments that defined the genre (“Fascist Pig,” “I Shot the Devil”) – zoom by with a breathless energy and middle-finger attitude that a quarter-century of second-rate copycats has failed to diminish.


First appeared Dec. 4, 2008 at

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