Neva Dinova: You May Already Be Dreaming CD review (Stomp & Stammer)

The third album from sad-eyed Omaha dreampoppers Neva Dinova starts with a number (“Love From Below”) that’s built around the simple refrain of “It’s so hard, hard, hard.” Little about Neva Dinova is hard – in terms of complexity or heaviness – but the weight-of-the-world vibe the group indulges in certainly makes it seem as if the simple act of facing the world in the morning is, indeed, hard, hard, hard. Owing much to the spacious swoon of mid-period American Music Club – but without the bitingly cynical lyricism – You May Already Be Dreaming finds the group again mixing rural pastoralism with barroom atmospherics. But here there’s also bit of sludgy dirge that’s somewhat surprising. When the band ambles their way into the molasses-thick bridge of “Clouds” or the explosive, shoegazer-y expansiveness that closes out “Apocalypse,” the more reflective moments of cuts like “Tryptophan” and “Funeral Home” are balanced out beautifully.

First appeared in the May issue of Stomp & Stammer.

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