Chennai is hot hot hot hot hot

No, not the nightlife scene, unfortunately. It’s just drippingly, suffocatingly hot. 95 degrees (with a low in the mid-80s) and, like, 1000% humidity. Took a short walk and probably sweated off a couple of pounds.

After-dark activities here are somewhat limited, and given how big Chennai is, I’m sort of surprised at that. It reminds me a lot of Bombay a half-decade ago, when the only real nightlife was centered in the five-star hotels. Yes, there are some nice bars in the five-stars here, but little else to be found. I’m going to a tapas place tonight that’s supposed to be pretty happening and, sure, there are a handful of nice places, but it’s really quite limited.

My hotel’s wonderful (and home to the city’s hottest nightclub, apparently) and very fancy-pants. Lots of business people doing business people things. Hmmmm.


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