Elvis Costello show preview (Orlando Weekly)

[This is the item that got me banned from House of Blues for, well, almost forever.]

Fuck this guy. Seriously, we just don’t get it. Sure we can comprehend – at least on a philosophical level – why he’s “important,” and we agree that, for a few years at least, his smartass energy lent power to a stream of decent-to-excellent rock records. We understand he has a facility with language. We know he’s got good taste. But just because someone once told us they liked what we wrote about some nickel-beer night didn’t mean that all of a sudden we thought we were good enough to start tag-teaming with Gore Vidal and Jonathan Franzen on a reworking of For Whom the Bell Tolls. This is supposed to be a rock show (as opposed to a string quartet performance or an operetta or Tin Pan Alley revue or whatever the hell else Costello’s doing these days), so at least he’ll actually play some songs. Regardless of the show’s quality, however, everyone’s gonna insist it was great.

First appeared Feb. 24, 2005 in Orlando Weekly.


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