Strung Out/Evergreen Terrace show preview … that’s really about Jobriath (Orlando Weekly)

We’ve been thinking about Jobriath a lot lately. If you’re not familiar with him, he was an early-’70s glam/pop/rock un-star who made a big deal out of being gay. Nobody cared, because despite the fact that his albums were released on Elektra, they were a little too far ahead of their time and, frankly, a little too gay. Jobriath’s self-titled album is SO gay that Morrissey used it in the artwork for a single, and Morrissey even wrote the liner notes for a recent CD compilation of Jobriath tracks. We’re sorry, but that’s as gay as it gets. What does Jobriath have to do with the punk-rock machismo that will be pouring oceans of misguided testosterone all over The Social’s floor at this show (or possibly, in Evergreen Terrace’s case, blood)? Check this out: We were wandering around and caught a reference to Zolar-X, a similarly spacey, similarly glam and similarly stupid ’70s outfit. (Not gay, though, but stay with us.) Jobriath fans seem to hold an abiding, if condescending, affection for Zolar-X and their no-we’re-really-aliens schtick. You know who else likes Zolar-X? No, not Morrissey. Jello freakin’ Biafra! The Dead Kennedys dude. Punk rock? You bet! Strung Out plays punk rock too, but we wonder: If they had the opportunity to open for Jobriath, would they take it? What about Evergreen Terrace? We don’t think so. We think that these guys would try to prove how manly they are by beating up frail little Jobriath. And that’s so totally uncool.

First appeared January 16, 2005 in Orlando Weekly.


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