John Sims: Palomino CD review (Magnet)

Of course John Sims isn’t a person. Taking the Lynyrd Skynyrd/Pink Floyd/Jethro Tull ambiguity to a heretofore unexplored level, the lovely folks in John Sims have seen to it that their records will always be misfiled in stores from coast to coast. Of course, should any store happen to have a “tweethereal pop” section, the consumer will be that much closer to finding this gem, since the members of John Sims have apparently mastered the art of creating thin. dreamy atmospheres that are so catchy and near-saccharine that they’re unmistakably attractive. There is, to be sure, a serious debt of style to Stereolab. Although it might seem unfair to crib from a band with only one song, the people in John Sims do indeed put their own little spin on the matter. The 10 songs here are very pop-centric and catchy as all get out, and the combination of swirling keyboards and dronedout fuzz provides an interesting, otherworldly backing for their melodic juggernaut. Yep, it looks like this John Sims fella has quite a bit going for him. [Bedazzled, POB 39195, Washington DC 20016]

First appeared in the January/February 1999 issue of Magnet.


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