Combustible Edison: Schizophonic! CD review (Alternative Press)

So, how do you successfully continue your life as a lounge band in a world grown (again) weary of lounge bands? Simple. You don’t. Be successful I mean. Combustible Edison probably know that there’s little chance that Schizophonic! will receive the same attention that their I, Swinger! debut did, but that’s life and Michael “The Millionaire” Cudahy is on a mission to make the world a suaver place and he’s not about to let any USA Today style-mongers tell him that he can’t. Not about to pack up the clarinet and head south like other, meeker combos just because their shtick is less than chic, ComEd are stronger and cooler on Schizophonic! than they were on their debut. taking some of the dramatic clues they learned from scoring Four Rooms and making an album that’s darkly beautiful in places (“One Eyed Monkey”) and simply beautiful in others (a cover of “Lonelyville”). As well as occasionally incorporating some genuine futurism into their martini-sipping groove (“Solid State”‘s Moog-y translucence), songs like “Short Double Latte” and “The Checkered Flag” manage a cinematic dialogue without ever resorting to using lyrics. So, it looks like the best way to continue your life as a lounge band in this loungeless world is to start making catchy, beautiful soundtracks to movies that don’t exist. Yet. (Sub Pop)

First appeared in the June 1996 issue of Alternative Press.


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